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Новости Scrap Metal Shredder

Scrap Metal Shredder

January 23, 2021     Новости

Treatment of non-ferrous metal and aluminum waste is aimed at obtaining homogeneous materials differentiated by type and size for the subsequent transformation phases in the iron and steel industry. The correct preparation of the scrap in terms of quality and size increases the added value of the activity of the recovery plants.

When it comes to which machines to use to size reduce metal. We will always analyze your requirements together with you and determine the right unit with regard to input material, throughput and desired size of the granulate.

The plants and equipment of Wiscon Envirotech, suitably combined, allow the maximum valorization of the metal components through demolition, crushing and separation activities with the use of two-shaft shredders and four-shaft shredders and magnetic separation systems.

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The metals that can usually be treated with metal scrap shredder are the following:

  • General metal scrap derived from the collection of metal waste, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass
  • Aluminum scrap, aluminum cans, aluminum profiles, aluminum locks
  • Aluminum locks, Aluminum wires, cables
  • Light waste collection, metallic containers and drums, iron pipes, inert warlike devices
  • Inert warfare devices, projectiles, etc.
  • Aluminum sheet radiators
  • White goods
  • Household appliances
  • Sorted light scrap
  • End-of-life vehicles (ELVs)

Wiscon Envirotech can offer the best example of modern engineering and technology in the field of the recycling business. Each shaft of Scrap Metal Shredder is driven by its own motor and generates high torque at low speed providing plenty of power to individual shaft. DS and DL series are tailor-made and multi-purpose machines to be utilized for size reduction of metal waste, bulky waste, data destruction and primary shredding where output size variations are acceptable.

With metal scrap shredder, we make sure to reduce metal waste to clean, dense and small pieces of shredded scrap. They can be used in almost all kinds of metal shredding applications from classic car shredding to aluminum scrap processing. The output size is around 60mm stripes.

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