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Новости Cardboard Shredder and Carton Shredder

Cardboard Shredder and Carton Shredder

February 14, 2021     Новости

Every year, a household discards around 800 pieces of tonnes of cardboard and paperboard. Most of the cardboard waste comes from packaging. The fast spread of e-commerce and logistics extends the use of cardboard, and consequently, extends the amount of cardboard waste.

Cardboards just like other paper-based products are made of fiber. However, if they are not shredded, large sheets will stick together in a big damp mass. In this state, it takes a long time to decompose, which betrays the purpose of recycling. And this is why we need a cardboard shredder to size reduce before going to recycle.

Cardboard Shredder and Carton Shredder

Wiscon Envirotech’s versatile cardboard shredder can turn a chunk of kraft paper into pieces. Recycling cardboard could save money on packaging costs. The waste would normally be transported to


Benefits of Adopting Carton Shredder

  • An industrial shredder on an industrial and commercial scale can process cardboard waste and paper products in a large quantity.
  • A heavy-duty shredder can work with dust collection vacuum.
  • A cardboard or paper shredder enables you to dispose of this real quick.
  • Recycle cardboard more efficiently.
  • Safely destroy voluminous waste and confidential documents.
  • Save your valuable time to do the shredding, and the shredder machine is easy to operate and manage.

Applications of Waste Shredder

  • Corrugated box
  • Paperboard
  • Carton box
  • Cardboard and corrugated cardboard
  • Juicebox
  • Paper-based products


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