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Новости Car Bumper Shredder

Car Bumper Shredder

January 28, 2021     Новости

On each automobile, there is a plastic cover installed over a metal reinforcing bar. It is placed at the front and rear of vehicles and is designed to protect the car body in case of collision by absorbing the impact. With the rapid development of the economy, an increasing number of people can afford to buy cars, resulting in more and more cars being produced, used and discarded. Vehicle bumper recycling is a good solution for the environment because it saves plastic materials. Also, it is a profitable business to turn waste bumper into valuable plastic granules.

Car bumper shredder is an ideal fit to crush plastic bumpers over 1 meter in the first place, and it can integrate with other recycling machines to produce clean and small granules.

Car Bumper

Bumpers make up a large proportion of the plastic material used in automobiles. Conventionally, scrap vehicle bumpers are incinerated to recover thermal energy (thermal recycling). With the growing awareness of environmental protection and improved technology, end-of-life vehicle (ELV) bumpers are now collected and recycled into raw plastic resin for use in the production of new plastic products such as green mesh, geogrids, building materials, waterproofing materials, etc.

Shredders for bumpers are designed to work as a complete and functional system with reduced investment costs and minimal labour involved. Simply consisting of conveyors, shredder, and granulator, a shredding system can trun waste into wealth. This solution was obtained without compromises through the automatic management of all components by means of a dedicated PLC.

Car Bumper Shredder Video

In auto bumper recycling process, unwanted materials such as metal fittings are manually first removed. Next, bumpers are transported into a shredder by infeed conveyor and then the plastic material is shredded into small pieces(40mm). Once the coating has been removed, the shredded small pieces will be washed and dried. Finally, after sorting, the cleaned pieces will be melted and produced into granules that serve as a plastic virgin to make new plastic products.

The recycled raw material from scrap vehicle bumpers can also be converted into new vehicle bumpers by mixing the raw material with 7% fiberglass as well as a certain percentage of PBT material. This environmentally-friendly business not only improves the material recycling rate (MRR), but also contributes significantly to more efficient use of resources.

car bumper shredder

A car bumper shredder is an indispensable piece of equipment for vehicle bumper recycling. In Wiscon Envirotech’s product range, we offer various shredding solutions to meet your specific need. Please contact us to tailor an optimal vehicle bumper size reduction solution for your project.
for your project.

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