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Новости IBC Recycling and Plastic Drum Shredder

IBC Recycling and Plastic Drum Shredder

January 20, 2021     Новости

Wiscon Envirotech provides a unique IBC recycling machine designed and tailored to meet your needs. Our plastic drum shredder ensures that all your IBC disposal and IBC recycling needs are met.

blue drum recycling


Benefits of Shredding Plastic Drum

Shredding and destroying plastic containers, can

  • Protect brand identity and eliminate fraudulent product use.
  • Reclaim clean and granulated regrind that is high-valued.
  • Size reduction for easy transportation. The output of our plastic drum shredders can go to a granulator for further size reduction to 12mm particles.
Shredded Plastic Drum

Final Output Material

IBC Shredder Features

  • High output capacity of up to 100 t/h
  • 2 independently driven shredding shafts ensure the highest flexibility.
  • Depending on the material, the shaft rotation speed, rotation direction and reversing times can be adjusted.
  • Stable output size of 40-100mm stripes(irregular size but volume-reduced).

Plastic Drum Shredder


Plastic barrel, plastic container, plastic tote, plastic drum, plastic drum from 25L to 250L.

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