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Wiscon Product Line

May 30, 2020     Новости


Wiscon Envirotech Inc. offers a spectrum of recycling machines and solutions for waste management. Our diverse product portfolio recycling, plastic production and alternative fuel industry. Wiscon has a strong global presence especially in Asia, Europe, and North America,


With double-speed counter-rotating shafts and our heavy-duty industrial shredder can handle your toughest application.
With our unique drive system and integrated Siemens LOGO PLC, our industrial shredders can process bulky waste and hard objects, against jams, shock loads and other unpredictable cases of material size reduction.


Double shaft shredders are ideal for cutting a variety of materials and can handle materials and applications that other designs such as, shredders have difficulty handling. Voluminous items can quickly be reduced to manageable sizes for disposal or further processing in CS and CL crushers.


Plastic wastes are one of the most commonly recycled products both in post-industrial and post-consumer applications. Specifically, from packaging to purging. The typical size required for the recycling of plastic is 5-12mm. Nevertheless, some of those plastic items are too gigantic to toss into a crusher for processing down to that size. In this scenario, a shredder is then needed to reduce the bigger objects into a moderate to handle. We offer a variety of inlet sizes and motor power to handle larger plastic components, primarily breaking them down to an ap


Simply put, we are one of the leading size reduction solutions provider Shredder in China. Since 2010, we have continued to optimize recycling machines and crushing machine. We gain the highest level of satisfaction by producing and delivering the best shredder, crush system to every customer. Our diverse product portfolio is applicable in recycling, plastic production and alternative fuel industry. Wiscon global presence especially in Asia, Europe, and North America.


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