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Новости Animal Carcass Shredder

Animal Carcass Shredder

January 13, 2021     Новости

Animal carcasses, whether they die normally or from epidemics, often carry a variety of germs. If they are not treated or treated improperly, the carcasses will soon decompose and rot, emit odor, and contaminate the air, water and soil with pathogenic microorganisms. As a result, the spread of disease and the possibility of infection for people in direct or indirect contact with them. This requires timely early treatment in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and the spread of disease.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the environmentally-friendly treatment of animal bodies. The first step is size reduction by a dead animal shredder.

How to treat animal bodies?

For animals that die unnaturally or for unknown reasons, their carcasses must be disposed of harmlessly. The treatment and disposal methods of animal carcasses mainly include chemical refining grease, direct landfill, high-temperature cooking and disinfection of landfill, composting, direct incineration, incinerator burning, etc.
In order to speed up the efficiency of landfill or full combustion, the animal must first be crushed by the pre-crushing and then landfill and incineration and other processing. The purpose of crushing animal carcasses before incineration is to reduce the size of large animals entering the incinerator, to eliminate gaps, to make the crushed animal carcasses of uniform size and texture, more conducive to combustion and improve the efficiency of incineration.

Features of Animal Carcass Shredder

Dead Animal Shredder Machine

  • Efficiently shred, crush and process immediately after carcasses get into the shredding chamber
  • Decompose even a pig and a cow within 5 minutes
  • Crush even bones of a carcass to be processed to shorter than 40mm
  • Able to process a large volume of up to 20 tons a day


  • For cattle, aquaculture and farmhouse that reside sick and dead animals like pig, cow, poultry and fish.
  • For food producer that contains expired food and degraded food.
  • Dead animals and sick animals treatment
  • Bone Crusher
  • Bone and meat size-reduction
  • For customs and supermarkets that have expired food and produce

Animal Bone Crusher Machine

Animal Carcass Shredder

The Animal Carcass Shredder is professionally designed for animal carcass crushing. the whole machine technology comes from Canada. the blade is made of imported high-strength alloy steel, with very strong wear resistance and high strength, etc. The driving part adopts an intermediate gear drive, forming a differential speed relationship. The screen is easy and simple to disassemble. The size of the output material is controlled by the screen, the discharge is uniform and the output can reach 300-15000kg per hour. The output material is a great source of fertilizer.


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