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Новости Wooden Pallet Shredder

Wooden Pallet Shredder

February 11, 2021     Новости

Wiscon Envirotech’s wooden pallet shredder has been specially designed for shredding all kinds of pallets, damaged EUR-pallet and packing wood. Depending on the required throughput, we offer you different types of shredding machines specially adapted for shredding pallets or packing wood. As the shape of the hopper is made according to your company’s needs, loading can be done by wheel loader, forklift truck, claw or even by hand.

Depending on the type of pallet shredder, throughputs ranging from 0.5 t/h to 20 t/h can be achieved. We convert a stack of wooden pallets into mulch, grind clean dimensional lumber into animal bedding, and process a heap of mixed wood waste into fuel chips. Depending on the required solution, the discharged particles can be affected by means of a conveyor belt, an auger, a spiral lift or a suction system. The pellet size, adjustable from 15 mm to 100 mm, depends on the grate diameter. All dust emissions are taken care of by air cyclones.

Altogether, a wooden pallet shredder can make up a wood scrap recycling system.

wooden pallet shredder

Wood Shredder Applications

  • All kinds of wooden products, including wood pallets, crates, boxes, wood packaging and spools.
  • Recycled pallets, wood skids and block pallets.
  • Fiberwood, Medium-density fibreboard(MDF)
  • Lumbers and tree trimmings.
  • Wooden left-overs and woodworks.
  • Furniture.

Pallet Shredder Feature

  • The shredder produces wood chips in sizes from 30mm to 50mm with a throughput of up to 2o tons per hour.
  • The chipper consists of a reversible counter knife and multiple rotating cutting blades.
  • Savings in power consumption are achieved thanks to the absence of forced fuel supply. The fuel is fed vertically into the shredder by gravity. The rotor is driven by an electric motor via a belt.
  • When designing the machine, particular attention was paid to making the shredder easy to use and to minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Able to work with air cyclone

Wood Pallet Shredder
In continuity, an inclined auger is available. It can be fixed by a flange on the open end of the horizontal screw. The inclined auger is available for a length of 1m to 6m.
With the wooden pallet shredder, end-of-life pallets can be processed into valuable alternative fuel. Possibility to equip with an auger, optional scrap removal conveyor belt.

Wooden Pallet Shredder Video


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