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Новости Why Whitegoods Shredder is Important for WEEE Management

Why Whitegoods Shredder is Important for WEEE Management

November 5, 2020     Новости

Pollution in the environment is a big problem that garbs the interest and attention of each individual in the world. It demands strong powerful action that really must be managed immediately and constantly. This can be done by integrating the government’s regulations and worldwide actions. If done right, not only we can reduce the waste, but also create profits from it.

Recycling is one of the feasible solutions for the situation of managing and disposing of waste. A few individuals are having awareness of re-using things. They are advised to gather their waste in separate bins for every single category such as for instance degradable and non-degradable. However, it becomes a problem for bulky objects like end-of-life home appliances and furniture. In this article, we focus on WEEE (waste electronic and electrical equipment) management.

Why Whitegoods Shredder is Important

There are plenty of electric appliances that are increasingly being used in households and in commercial places. White goods are hazardous items that people use in every household and office. They may contain non-environmentally-friendly refrigerant in them, and some may contain toxic yet valuable heavy metals like mercury and lead. For recycling these materials they have to be handled through white goods shredders and home appliances recycling equipment.

home appliance shredder

Home Appliance Shredder Application


  • Air conditioners
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Washing machines

Hand-held appliance:

  • Vacuum Machines
  • Hair Dryers
  • Telephones
  • Hand drill
  • Kettle

Along the way of disposing of them, people face 3 types of problems.

  1. One is the removal of refrigerants like CFC, freon and HCFC contained in a heat exchanger. Refrigerant like CFC is a major contributor to ozone layer depletion.
  2. Valuable metals like copper and aluminum are unable to be recycled, which is a big loss to the recycling industry. These mismanaged metal can pollute underground water and soils.
  3. The other problem is their size. White goods are generally large in size. They cannot be taken directly to the landfills, or the transportation cost is high. Their sizes have to be reduced, resulting in taking less space in landfills.

Whitegoods Shredder solves this problem by breaking down the hazardous metals in the waste electronic products and by reducing their size into palm size. Whitegood shredders operate at low speed with high torque to break down the metals and make sure they are ready for recycling.

The other important equipment in waste management and recycling industries is the eddy current separator. It separates shredded metal by their composition. For example, the machine can sort out copper from aluminum.

shredded metal after whitegoods shredder


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