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Новости Municipal Solid Waste Recycling: 2020 Easy Explanation

Municipal Solid Waste Recycling: 2020 Easy Explanation

October 10, 2020     Новости

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) also known as trash or garbage—consists of our everyday items we use and then discard. This is a generic name for product packaging, biomass trimming, furniture, appliances, paint, wires, batteries, clothing, bottles, food scraps, books and newspapers. Such waste obviously comes from households, schools, shops, businesses, hospitals, factories and construction sites. Yet, there are numerous items and sources of waste are not mentioned.

During the past year, it has become more and more evident that alternate energy resources need to be researched. RDF (Residual Derived Fuel) utilizes the energy content of conventional household waste so as to substitute gas.

The creation of RDF is the best solution both environmentally friendly and economically. To improve the process, it’s very vital to decrease the waste quantity into a homogeneous portion size of e.g. <50 mm(2 inch). System capacities vary from 6,000-16,000 kg/hr. The recycling method for the processing of MSW will depend on the requirement of the client and the input material.

However before RDF, one important recycling equipment is pre-shredder, or also know also a general waste shredder for very primary size reduction. Pre-shredders are applicable for landfills, wrecking fields and all the recycling business or factories that work in the field of waste management.

Municipal Solid Waste Recycling machine

The super-low number of turns realize super high torques to untangle and break down massive objects. The use of special alloy steels for the shaft and blades guarantees a particularly long service life, with significant wear reduction. The big tooth(blade) of the rotor takes care of the continuous material stream, preventing shock and overload.

Our size-reduction technology helps municipal Solid Waste Recycling make easy. With low energy consumption, we unbundle and shred materials into smaller pieces. This reduces the workload and wears for the whole shredding system. Therefore, pre-shredder is ideal for oversize, tangled, mixed stream materials like MSW. Municipal Solid Waste Recycling is dealing with non-homogeneous of materials, so pre-shredder is the best shredding machine at the front.


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