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Metal Detector
  • Metal Detector
  • Metal detector for belt conveyor 1
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  • Metal Detector

    Alarms and Stops for Metals

    • Mounts on belt conveyor
    • Smallest detectable size 5 by 5mm
    • Process granular and material stream in bulk
    • Description


    To achieve the goal of various metal removal, Wiscon offers the following 3 types of equipment:

    1. Tunnel Magnetic Detector(metal detector): detects and alarms ferrous and non-ferrous metals in stream materials.

    2. Over-belt Magnetic separator: Automatically removes ferrous metal from the material stream.

    3. Eddy-current Separator: Automatically removes ferrous and non-ferrous metal from the material stream.


    Tunnel magnetic detector is usually used for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metal in bulk or for regrind. The smallest detectable size is 5 by 5mm. It is installed prior to a shredder and especially granulator.

    Implementing a metal detector reduces the chance of machine damage caused by an unwanted piece of ferrous metal. For example, a screw gets into shredder and granulator. Metal detectors also reduce wear to the machine inside caused by metals.

    After detection, the belt conveyor stops, then requires manually sort out the metal.

    Tunnel Magnetic Detector

    The metal detector mounts on a robust wood rack. This prevents false alarm because the rack is resistant to magnetic interference and mechanical vibration.


    Easily installs on convey.
    Vibration resistant.
    Adjustable sensitivity, smallest detectable size 5 by 5mm.
    A wide bandwidth of frequency can sense metal covered or wrapped inside the material stream.
    Integrated control – stops the whole system if metal detected.
    Continuous operation with high stability.

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