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Новости Enable you to Engage in Shredding Service

Enable you to Engage in Shredding Service

November 13, 2020     Новости

We shred everything – As well as paper and cardboard, our cutting edge shredders and crusher can deal with plastic, glass, pottery and metal. We can enable you to process merchandise, garments, adornments, electronic items, advanced media, cell phones, office gear, unsold or defective stock, and considerably more. We empower your shredding service.

What does Wiscon offer?

Recycling businesses around the globe trust us to offer industrial and commercial shredding equipment. At Wiscon, our shredding equipment can crush any solid waste to meet your prerequisites. We offer different types of shredder like single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and plastic crusher tailored to your waste.

With us, you are securing your confidential and notoriety with no danger of anything falling into some unacceptable hands. All destroyed material can be resold or reused for something else. This is simply circulating the economy.

Our cutting edge shredding equipment can deal with pretty much any kind of material, including glasses, woods, metals, plastics, textures, earthenware production and fluids – in addition to paper and kraft paper.

What kinds of materials can Wiscon Shredding Equipment process?

Simply put, the materials can be categorized into 3 types:

  1. Items that are broken and can’t be sold
  2. Abundance stock that can’t be sold
  3. Items that are out of date or outdated

The following are common materials that a recycling company may encounter every day.

Bulky Waste:

Furniture, home appliances, end-of-life auto.

Plastic Waste:

Plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic containers, packaging plastic, industrial plastics,

Wood Product:

Newspaper, cardboard, letters, magazines, books, lumber, trimming.


Items that contain classified data, for example, outfits, ID cards, security identifications, computerized media, for example, hard drives, bank cards and Mastercards

Electronic hardware, from singular parts straight up to whole units, including TVs, screens, PC gear, electronic shopper products, PCs, printers, telephones and links.

With extra machines like a metal detector and sink float tank, we’ll separate items and wash into independent materials that can be reused or discarded securely and mindfully. We have a zero-resilience to landfill strategy.

To start a recycling or shredding business, it would be great if you get in touch with Wiscon Envirotech. We can provide the best cost-effective shredding solution for your shredding service.


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