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Новости An Introduction of Friction Washing Machine

An Introduction of Friction Washing Machine

November 11, 2020     Новости

In the recycling business, washing is an imperative step to increase the value of the desired materials. Sink-float tank and friction washing machines are the common means to achieve this goal.

What is Friction Washer Machine?

Friction Washer Machine is used to remove dirt and contaminant from plastic flakes and film.

friction washing machine

Working Principle or How it works?

The main components are the large rotor with several arrays of paddles, dewatering screen and cleaning manifold for water injection. The Friction Washer is accumulated on an inclined frame. The basic principle of operation is: the material enters at the lower end of the Friction Washer with vertical in-feed. The fast-rotating shaft and paddles transport up and hit the materials against the screen, just like how a laundry machine works. Dirt and grease are then driven out of the system, and sprayed away by water nozzles. The dirty water and contaminant then discharge at the bottom of the machine. The cleaned materials leave at the top.

Why it is Important?

Wiscon Friction Washer is commonly used in various applications in industrial processes and recycling business. Without it, the end product may contain a high portion of contaminants. As a result, the final value of the end-product is low because it contains sands and grease, both of which are dangerous for palletizing and injection molding.

Features of Friction Washer?

The friction washer is heavy duty and available in various models, featuring.

  • No blockage of materials
  • Cold wash
  • Highly efficient to clean
  • Easy maintenance
  • Rigorously wash plastic materials
  • Compact design comparing water tank

Applications of Friction Washer Machine?

Clean highly contaminated materials or big plastic flakes or plastic films which come from a primary shredder or from a crusher. It excels in cleaning  agricultural films, rigid plastics, and PET, PP, PE, HDPE flakes.


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